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Dr Marcus Bunyan

Dr Marcus Bunyan is an artist who works with all forms of image making. His artistic practice investigates the boundaries between identity, space and environment, since 2004 using fighter planes as a metaphor for humanist, environmental and technological themes. He trained as a classical black and white photographer and has recently returned to classical work which continues early explorations of spaces and places, using digital cameras to record glances, meditations and movement through different environments.

Marcus writes the art and cultural memory archive Art Blart which posts mainly photography based exhibitions from around the world, with insightful research and commentary. With over 1,400 posts in its archive, the ten year old website is a research tool and a form of cultural memory. It has a readership of 1,500 people a day and over 5,000 likes on Facebook. The site is being archived by Pandora from the National Library of Australia.

Marcus has recently published an 8,000 word paper on Death the image (2018) which investigates how the act of photography visually writes trauma and through analysis ponders how the camera captures human beings ante-mortem, at the death point, post-mortem and vita ad mortem.

He finished a Master of Art Curatorship at The University of Melbourne in 2013. His doctoral thesis at RMIT University (2001) investigated the link between self-esteem and body image and traced the development of male body image within photographic practice and gym culture. The thesis has been adapted into a website that includes research on photographs held at The Kinsey Institute and The Minor White Archive. In 2019 he undertook a two month photographic research tour of Europe studying some of the great masters of European and American photography such as Brassaï, Berenice Abbott, André Kertesz, Robert Frank, Ara Güler, Robert Capa, Henri Lartigue, Josef Sudek, and August Sander.

Early artistic work
investigated personal narratives: the shifting interfaces of identity, sexuality, space, time and environment.

Later artistic work
explored personal narratives as more universal themes: the fracturing of identity, the binaries of light and dark, absence/presence, pattern/randomness in spatio-temporal environments.

Current artistic work
proposes an understanding of the paradoxes of contemporary life: the fracturing of the image plane, the ethics and morals of humans, the choices human beings make in environments, the hidden threat, the faint cloudiness in the cornea of things seen, unclearly.


2019 @ Marcus Bunyan. "Punk jacket," in Brickell, Chris and Collard, Judith (eds.,). Queer Objects. Otago University Press, 2019.
Text: Marcus Bunyan. "Nothing emerges from nothing," Foreword to We Had Such High Hopes: Student Activism and the Peace Movement 1949-1952, A Photographic Memoir by Joyce Evans. Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2019

2017 @ Marcus Bunyan. 'The Only Recording' 1977 (2017) 47 mins CD disc. Various pianoforte pieces recorded in the Recital Hall of the Royal College of Music, London on the 15th November 1977. Limited release November 2017

2016 @ Paper: 'Exposure: The white Australian male in portrait photography 1858-1914' presented at 'Human Kind: Transforming Identity in British and Australian Portraits 1700-1914' international conference, The University of Melbourne, September 2016

2014 @ C0-curatorship of exhibition 'Out of the closets, onto the streets: gay liberation photography 1971-1973' at Edmund Pearce Gallery, Melbourne, July 2014
Invited artist in the exhibition 'Transmissions: Archiving HIV/AIDS - Melbourne 1979 - 2014' at the George Paton Gallery, The University of Melbourne, July 2014
Invited artist in the exhibition 'Vital Signs - Interpreting the Archive' at Blindside, Melbourne, July 2014

2013 @ Completion of Master of Art Curatorship at The University of Melbourne
Opening speech at the 'John Cato Retrospective' at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale with catalogue essay included in new book about the artist
Catalogue essay for Colombian artist Erika Diettes exhibition 'Sudarios (Shrouds)', core program at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale
Curating of exhibition 'Density' by artist Andrew Follows at Anita Traverso Gallery, Richmond
Text: 'Orality, (n)framing and enactment in the art of Jacqui Stockdale' in IANN magazine Vol.8, 'Unfound in Australia', October 2012 (published online January 2013)

2012 - 13 @ Mentoring of artist Andrew Follows under an Arts Access Victoria program

2012 @ Public talk: 'This is not my favourite photograph' part of ‘What makes a great photograph?’ at the Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP), Fitzroy, December 2012
Paper: 'Traversing the unknown' presented at the 'Travel Ideals' international conference, July 2012 published October 2012

2011 @ Opening speech: 'Movement and Emotion' and 'Jodie Noble Solo' exhibitions at Arts Project Australia, Melbourne
Opening speech: 'John Bodin: Rite of Passage' at Anita Traverso Gallery, Richmond

2010 - 13 @ Studying Master of Art Curatorship part-time at The University of Melbourne
Internship at fortyfivedownstairs gallery, Flinders Lane, Melbourne.

2008 @ Launch of Art Blart art and writing blog at

2006 - 07 @
Lecturer in Fine Art Photography at RMIT University, Melbourne.
Photographs included in 'Depth of Field: Conversations Between Photography and Textiles' exhibition touring England through Birmingham MAC.
Publication of 'Pressing the Flesh: Sex, Body Image and the Gay Male', website adaptation of PhD research undertaken at RMIT University, Melbourne, Victoria.
'Miss en Scene: Vision and the Digital Paradigm' paper presented at Art Association of Australia and New Zealand 2006 Annual Conference 'Reinventing the Medium', Monash University.

2005 @
Paper accepted for presentation 2005 Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities, Hawaii, USA.
'SynchroMate: A Phatic Technology for Mediating Intimacy' paper presented at DUX 2005, San Francisco, Nov 3-5th 2005.

2004 @
Senior Lecturer in Photography at Charles Sturt University, NSW.
Speaker at 'The Space Between' conference at The Faculty of BEAD, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, WA.
Presenter at COFA seminar 'Research Through Practice: Beyond Research Equivalence in Art and Design', Sydney, NSW.

2003 - 04 @
Research Fellow and coordinator of the SIT-CRC project 'Mediating Strong Ties', investigating the promotion of intimacy between remote strong tie relations using Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) undertaken in The Department of Information Systems at The University of Melbourne, Australia.

2003 @
Presenter at 'Making an Appearance : Fashion, Dress, and Consumption', International Fashion Conference at The University of Queensland, Brisbane.
Lecturing in cultural studies (new media, cybersociety, hypertext, professional artist) at VCA Centre for Ideas, Swinburne University, Victoria University, and The University of Melbourne.

2002 @
Lecturing in photomedia and multimedia at The University of Melbourne and Monash University, Melbourne; lecturing in media & cultural studies at the Centre for Ideas, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne.
Speaker at the 'Mediated Spaces' Symposium, The University of Melbourne, Australia.
Speaker at 'HID4 : National Health Conference', Sydney University, Sydney, NSW.

2001 @
Completion Doctor of Philosophy (Multimedia), RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.
Lecturing in photomedia and multimedia at The School of Creative Arts, The University of Melbourne, Victoria.
Speaker at 'HID3 : National Health Conference', Adelaide, South Australia.

1999 @
Visiting Research Scholar at The Kinsey Institute, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA, and The One Institute, affiliated to the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, USA.

Winner of 'The AGFA National Photographic Award - The John Dallinger Prize for Photographic Excellence', Albury Regional Art Gallery, Albury, NSW.

1997 - 01 @
Doctor of Philosophy (Multimedia), RMIT Postgraduate Award scholarship, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.

1995 - 96 @
Master of Arts, Australian Postgraduate Award scholarship (APA), RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.

1994 @
Postgraduate Honors, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.

1990 - 93 @
Bachelor of Arts, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.